ZSINE OFC successfully passed the 2023 enterprise management system supervision and audit work
release time:2023-11-30 13:13:30

On November 22, 2023, the company strengthened quality management and improved enterprise efficiency; Establish quality management system, optimize process, save production and management cost; Enhance customer confidence and expand market share. Protect the environment, save energy and reduce consumption, optimize costs and improve corporate image. Zhong Tai Union Certification Co., Ltd. was invited to conduct the second annual supervision and audit of the company. Zhong Tai Union Certification appointed a team of two audit teachers to carry out the second supervision and audit of the QMS, EMS, OHSMS system of our company, and the company successfully passed the 2023 supervision and audit certification. During the 2-day audit and certification process, Audit teachers in accordance with GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015 "QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION", GB/T24001-2016 idt ISO14001:2015 "ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION", GB/T45001-2020 idt Iso 45001:2018 "OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION" requirements to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system within the company, combined with the actual situation of the company's quality, environment and occupational health and safety management on-site audit, And with the company's management at all levels on the production site and the company's various rules and regulations made in-depth communication. After review, the expert group agreed that our company's "QES management system" work system is complete, effective implementation, smooth operation process, and the construction of "QES management system" has been continuously optimized, and remarkable work results have been achieved.

The audit team put forward five development suggestions for the current situation of the company's operation: first, continue to optimize the management mode, improve management efficiency; Second, strengthen the comprehensive training of personnel and continuously improve the comprehensive quality; Third, accelerate lean production and construction to promote quality improvement; Fourth, improve environmental awareness and promote green civilization; Fifth, enhance the awareness of production safety and adhere to the red line of production safety.

The company is grateful for the guidance of the expert group. In recent years, under the care and support of the certification center of Zhong Tai Union Certification Co., LTD., the company's management system has been continuously standardized, improved and innovated to ensure the company's high-quality development. 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20, how to effectively carry out dynamic change, quality change, efficiency change, so that enterprises in strategic planning, organizational structure, system construction and other aspects are facing new issues, thank you for your review teachers to give valuable advice.

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